Awards Top 15 College Dining Halls

Loyal E. Horton Dining Awards

Bronze Award 2018, Residential Dining Concepts, Pierce Dining Hall

Silver Award 2018, Residential Dining, Special Event – Harvest Moon Festival

Silver Award 2017, Residential Dining Concepts, Pierce Dining Hall

Bronze Award 2017, Residential Dining, Special Event – San Gennaro on the Point

Silver Award 2016, Residential Dining Concepts, Pierce Dining Hall

Stevens Institute of Technology was recognized at the National Association of College & University Food Services (NACUFS) 2018 National Conference in Providence, Rhode Island. The team at Stevens Dining took home two medals in this year’s Loyal E. Horton Dining Awards. This marks the third year in a row Stevens has reached the podium at NACUFS.


Winning the bronze award in Residential Dining Concepts, an all-encompassing award, Stevens Dining showed their programs versatility in Menu, Merchandising and Presentation, Marketing, Nutrition and Wellness, and Other Considerations. The team at Stevens created a 64-page magazine, highlighting the program.  This is the third year in a row Stevens was given an award in this category.


Stevens also received the Silver award in the Residential Dining, Special Event category for their event last fall, “Harvest Moon Festival”. Residential dining operations were moved outdoors for the event where students enjoyed fun harvest food stations, games, music, opportunities to learn about sustainability and a chance to be a part of give back to others through pie in the face fundraiser.