Nutrition & Wellness


Stevens Dining’s Nutrition Services are designed to broaden the college community’s knowledge of health and nutrition, while expanding palates and improving food choices. Our full-time dietitian fosters an environment with the tools essential for a healthy diet and assists students in meeting individual dietary needs. Designed to have a broad impact on entire the campus community, our Nutrition Services are led by nationally accredited Registered Dietitian, John Pagano, RD. John specializes in food allergies, culinary and sports nutrition, and weight management with a passion for educating others on the topics of food, nutrition, and overall wellness.


No matter what item it is, nutrition information is available to students both on the floor of the dining hall and online. Individual product identifiers (PID) listing the item name, along with calories, total fat, carbohydrates, fiber, protein, and sodium are paired with each menu item. These PIDs also make use of the menu icons to make student aware of how each options fits into their diet. The “Stevens Dining Nutrition” binder is also available on the floor for immediate access and is used to store the remaining nutrition information for all of our dining hall products and options.


Full-time Registered Dietitian (RD)

In addition to these availabilities, students have access to our full-time Registered Dietitian (RD) on the floor of the dining hall, during nutrition tabling events, and throughout regular business hours. The Campus Dietitian is available for any and all individual and menu-related nutrition questions. Whether an individual is looking for healthy dining hall combinations, has a request for a healthier item, or has a dietary restriction they need catered to, our Campus Dietitian and Head Chef are there to guide, assist, and educate the campus community. All student are welcome to contact our dietitian to discuss their individual needs and accommodations. To set up an appointment, please email

Throughout the semester, nutrition tabling events are hosted by our Registered Dietitian in the campus dining hall and retail locations, in addition to around campus. These events provide students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to meet briefly with our Campus Dietitian without having to schedule an appointment. At these times they are invited to discuss any and all of their personal diet and nutrition questions and seek advice regarding dietary patterns through a free 24 hour diet analysis. Events include educational games, cooking demos, sampling tables, informational displays, and Q & A sessions. Each event includes informational handouts on the topic at hand and recipe cards!

Special Dietary Options

The Stevens Dining menu cycles and stations offer a wide variety of selections for both the average student and those with specific dietary preferences and restrictions. Menu icons pointing out vegetarian, vegan, and Dietitian’s Choice options are present on menus, product identifiers, digital menu boards, and online. No matter where each student is looking to eat, these icons can help students make smarter, healthier choices that are consistent with dietary preferences.

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Our six-week Vegan/Vegetarian menu is personally crafted by our Registered Dietitian (RD) and Head Chef. Each day includes options that have been carefully planned and selected to provide an adequate mix of protein, legumes, grains and vegetables at every meal. My Pantry is also a great resource to all of our vegan and vegetarian students, allowing them to craft their own protein and veggie-filled dishes, like stir-fry, omelets, and noodle bowls.


As for our students with special dietary restrictions, they are strongly encouraged to make dining services aware of their restriction via our Campus Dietitian. To discuss options available to them in our dining halls, request specialty items specific to their needs, or conduct a dining hall tour with our RD, this service is an essential tool for students who may otherwise be restricted.


All students with any form of dietary restriction have access to Allergen-Friendly Refrigerator, Freezer, Microwave, Toaster, and Pantry. Spaces are stocked regularly with allergen-friendly and specially requested items, such as gluten-free breads and bagel, sugar-free syrup, and vegan deli meats. In addition to all management and head chefs being required to pass an online allergen training, all dining hall staff is trained personally by our Campus Registered on this essential topic at the beginning of each semester.


Each semester, our Campus Dietitian also conducts Student Advisory Boards, including a Vegan/Vegetarian Dietary Advisory Boards and a Gluten-Free Dietary Advisory Boards. These student board meeting help ensure needs aren’t only being met but the voices of these students in particular are being heard. During meetings, attendees communicate their concerns, ask questions, provide suggestions, and trial new menu items/products. The management team also takes this time to provide updates on any changes so these students experience nothing but exceptional dining service.


For those with more severe allergies, an individualized plan is created. The student and their family work personally with our Campus Dietitian and Foodservice Director to formulate a plan, which is specifically tailored to the individual’s needs and schedule. Made-to-order Allergen-Friendly meals specially prepared by our trained Chef are also available to students who need more assistance meeting their dietary needs within our dining facilities. Personal microwaves, freezers, cook ware, and utensils are also an option.


Nutrition Counseling


As a resource to the campus, our full-time Registered Dietitian (RD) is available on campus daily to provide counseling services, presentations, and seminars to the entire campus community, absolutely free of charge. Our nutrition services remain a popular service utilized by many students, athletes, and faculty on campus. Whether it be for one “refresher” session or weekly appointments, students work one-on-one and in groups with our Campus Dietitian to discuss food options in the dining hall, answer food and nutrition related-questions, and reach specific diet, wellness, and physical goals. Counseling is available for weight management, sports nutrition, food allergies, general healthy eating, and other nutrition and diet-related concerns. More specifically, goal setting, diet analysis, meal planning, body composition testing, dining hall tours, and product evaluation are often performed by our RD to work with the student towards their individual goals.



Another popular service throughout the campus include our free presentations and seminars. This past Fall semester, our Campus Dietitian presented to over 7 different student groups, including Resident Assistants (RA’s) and their residents and various sororities and fraternities, along with 5 different campus athletic teams.


To help inspire participation and enhance content, snacks and food are often served at these events. Whether its on-the-go packaged snacks or the students assist our RD in creating an easy dorm-room option, these presentations are always a hit. The students especially enjoy the Q & A session at the end where they have the ability to ask more individual questions. Students were especially excited for this year’s first ever Wellness Challenge! For student’s looking to get healthy without a focus on weight, this challenge was the perfect way to keep yourself accountable and motivate yourself to step up your health game. The competition was run using Lose It Competitions via Bi-weekly challenges were created and run by our Campus Dietitian and each challenge winner received a healthy prize!