Pierce Dining Hall

Pierce Dining Hall

Wesley J. Howe Center, 2nd Floor

Hours of Operation:

Mon- Sun: 7am-12am (Midnight)

Phone: 201-216-5113

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Pierce Dining Hall is the central dining hall for the Stevens Dining Program. As you enter Pierce Dining Hall, you are overcome… the breathtaking view of New York City, the aromas of the fresh home made pizza coming out of the oven, the pasta being cooked fresh for our guests and the Chef’s choice entrée being prepared at the exhibition station. 

We start with food in its simplest, most natural form. Our chefs have the freedom to create original menus using fresh, authentic ingredients. We view the residential dining hall as an extension of the classroom that provides our guests an opportunity to learn and celebrate. The guests of Stevens enjoy a wide variety of wholesome and delicious menu selections that support the local economy, celebrate the diversity of the campus and promote sustainability and social justice issues. All throughout Pierce our guests are dazzled by musical sounds, tantalizing smells but no matter what we do… we just can’t beat the view.

What to expect:

Our goal for Pierce Dining Hall’s ever changing menu was to develop a dynamic, nutritionally balanced dining program, while also enhancing our current daily offerings to the campus community. Combining our knowledge and experience in food service, we implemented a mix of interactive dining stations and traditional full service stations into our station design and floor plan. The mixture of these interactive and traditional dining stations allow members to choose from a wide selection of ingredients, within a diverse mix of station concepts. Our chefs prepare a variety of dishes that include gluten-free, halal, Jain Vegetarianism, and vegan and vegetarian selections. Stevens Dining recipes are specifically crafted as lower in sugar, fat and sodium. Members can choose to prepare the food themselves or with the help of an employee. The menus at our traditional full service stations have a unique flare of their own, and in the hands of our skilled chefs, transform the standard fare into uniquely exceptional meals.

New Exciting Dining Stations

As you enter Pierce, guests are greeted by the tantalizing aroma of oven fresh Pizza. Our pizza station, Crust, is a highlight among many new dining options, featuring hand-tossed homemade dough, Jersey tomato sauce and fresh shredded mozzarella. Patrons can watch and certainly smell the pizza, including gluten free and Jain vegetarianism, being cooked in our newly installed stone hearth ovens. Our menu includes daily entrée specials, calzones, strombolis, garlic knots and even dessert pizzas, like Nutella and banana.

The Exhibition Station is a live station where the campus community can feel connected to the dining hall by interacting with the dining service staff and learning recipes by seeing them in action. At this station, there is a feature meal cooked in front of the students each day by the Culinary Chef. This year at the exhibition station we incorporating the students in a “People Choice Awards” where they voted on their favorite specials.

The Bakery is constantly filled with a variety of fresh warm cookies, croissants, muffins, brownies, donuts, cake bites and much more. As we continue our walk into Pierce Dining Hall, customers can stop at our Deli station, Stacked, for a fresh sandwiches. Our creative staff gets to exercise their imagination as they create daily special paninis, sandwiches and wraps. Next to the deli station is the Salad Bar, which allows diners to have alternate proteins, a wide selection of vegetables and leafy greens. At the end of the station they can also enjoy fresh fruit, yogurt and our Hot Soup Bar. Don’t forget to stop at our Hydration Station and Beverage Bar for fruit infused water and refreshments.

Exploring outside our main Entrée Station which includes two proteins, two vegetables and one starch will not make your decision any easier on what to eat. Whether you decide to enjoy one of the many options at our Carving or Rotisserie stations or make a quick pit stop to grab at the Grill, the choice is yours. The Vegan and Vegetarian Station appears to be one of the most popular among the crowd at Stevens. We offer four different selections that change during lunch and dinner. Customers with food allergies and sensitivities, as well as those with cultural and religious dietary needs will be pleased to find our designated Allergen and Gluten-Friendly Station. When finished with dinner, there is nothing that hits the spot more than hard ice cream or pulling down on one of our dual frozen yogurt machines. Filled with eight different flavors of hard ice cream, sorbet, and Italian ice, our Sundae Bar has a flavor for everyone.



DSC_0706 (1)

Finally, one of the most exciting and innovative concepts that we integrated into the renovation of Pierce Dining Hall was the addition of MyPantry. Students now have the opportunity to prepare their own meals at My Pantry, a station stocked with fresh ingredients, including vegetables, herbs, rice, noodles, chicken, flavored oils and sauces. MyPantry is a dining destination for all students. Members can use top of the line cooking appliances and utensils to attempt to create their favorite recipes. Eliminating the eight major allergens (wheat, milk, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, egg) and gluten, the focus is on simply prepared whole meats, fresh vegetables, fruits and some alternative pseudo-grains. It provides the safest option for students with severe food allergies because food is prepared and served at the same space, minimizing opportunities for cross contact.




Look forward to these monthly changing specials 7 days a week

Dietitian Takeover Events:

Our on-site dietitian regularly conducts nutrition events during meal times within the dining hall. These events are tapered towards our monthly marketing theme and menu offerings. Through recipe cards, sampling, and informational flyers, these events help educate the community and inspire them to try new options and ultimately expand their palates to fuel a healthier lifestyle.


Tasty Treats Tuesday:

Give a twist to your favorite desserts with Tasty Treat Tuesday. Whether its with different toppings, trendy ingredients, or cookies just like your mom used to make, stop by Pierce every Tuesday to see what’s cooking. Try a healthier dessert option, explore new highlighted ingredients, and take home a recipe card to share the experience.

Try some of our favorites:

• Grilled Peach Dessert Quesadillas

• Flourless Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Blondie with Sea Salt

• Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip

• Strawberry Mousse Shortbread Sandwiches


Washington Street Wednesday:

Washington Street Wednesday now allows students with a meal plan to exchange one Pierce Dining Hall meal with participating “Washington Street Wednesday” restaurants in Hoboken.


Local Thursdays:

Every Thursday in Pierce Dining Hall we offer a “local feature” where we support local farmers and businesses. We reach out to farms and artisans all over New Jersey to feature their local honey, apples, pies, tomatoes, cheese, pickles and various other items in the dining hall. Local produce is fresher, tastes better and is better for the environment. The goal of “Local Thursdays” is to support family farms and local communities by promoting local produce and creating awareness of its many benefits.


Sushi Fridays:

Every Friday, we partner with a local sushi restaurant, Mei Hibachi, in Hackensack, NJ to offer a complete selection of sushi rolls at our Exhibition Station in Pierce Dining Hall.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 6.26.41 PM

Steak House Saturdays:

In Pierce Dining Hall every Saturday, we offer made to order steaks combined with many steak house favorites like beer battered onion rings, garlic mashed potatoes, sautéed mushrooms, and NY style cheese cake.



In addition to our daily specials stay tuned for our theme meals and events. Please refer to the student handbook for any questions or concerns.